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Knit Witts is a knitwear company owned by Paulette Lack.  All knitwears  are designed by Paulette Lack, fingerless mitts are her favorite!


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Knit Witts' fingerless mitts are all made with all natural fibers, primarily fine merino wool or fine alpaca fiber.  Each mitt is designed to be a practical, yet fashionable accessory.  Knit Witt mitts can be worn as an individual fashion statement while out on the town.  But, be warned, they can become your favorite, everyday item of clothing like your comfy jeans.

In 2015 Paulette traveled to Peru and her global journey, as Knit Witts, began.  A journey to celebrate and support the tradition of handmade around the globe.  Through this journey, she has developed relationships with two indigenous communities in Peru; Rumira Sanodormayo (RSM) and a community on the Island of Taquile on Lake Titicaca. Select these links to learn more about the beautiful people of Rumira Sandormayo and their Peruvian knit products and Peruvian woven products

In 2017 Paulette read an article written by Daryl Brower, "Knit One, Empower Many" in the Spring/Summer 2017 publication of Vogue Magazine.  The article was about a knitwear designer from Australia, Danielle Chiel.  The article begins by Brower asking Danielle Chiel, "Can knitting change a life?", Danielle responded "yes".  Paulette was intrigued, because knitting had changed her life. What she read was so empowering.  Danielle founded an organization called KOCO (Knit One, Change One) that employs and empowers women in southern India through knitting.  I emailed Danielle to ask her how I could could work with KOCO.  Danielle called her directly, and the relationship began.

Paulette now sends her Knit Witt designs to  KOCO, where the women knit quality knit wears by hand.  While the women are amazing artisans, KOCO pays them a fair wage.  Each  knitter at KOCO undergoes a paid apprenticeship, they learn to read English patterns, they learn math skills.  This opportunity allows women who otherwise don't have an income with a marketable skill, as well as a feeling of self-empowerment.

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Knit Witts by paulette

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